Session #145 • Pleiadians

Cause the END of Our Simulated Reality

Summary: The Pleiadians offer suggestions on summoning guardian angels and discuss different pathways to ascension. They warn of negative forces planning to infiltrate the sun on August 26th and 27th, and ask for love light energies to be sent to protect the archetypal mind. Changes to the archetypal mind could lead to the end of the current reality and the choice to let go or turn off the egoic mind.

We are the Pleiadians and we are now communicating through this instrument’s mind complex for answering the queries which are in the mind space of this instrument. Before we start to share with you our thoughts and insights, each entity must remember to judge our thought forms with the inner heart, which means that we, the Pleiadians, can only offer our suggestions regarding the inquiries which happen place today. The main suggestion will be placed based upon the experiences of the entity’s mind, body, and spirit.

The first query relates with the truth about the guardian angels and how to summon guardian any relates with the truth about the guardian angels and how to summon guardian angels. We shall address this query using the vibratory sound complex patterns of your planetary sphere. The types of angelic beings, or guardian angels, which many of your mind body and spirit complex entities call as guardians, can be deciphered and segregated into three types primarily, which are functioning upon your space-time vibration for assisting those mind-body-spirit complexes that require assistance during their inner seeking.

The first level of guardians which are present are known as the angelic guardians are present in the aspects of each entity’s inner seeking these entities known as the angelic guardians, primarily consist of the mind-body-spirit complex totality distortion who have achieved unity level of consciousness or higher self of each individualized mind-body-spirit complex. These entities also include the angelic beings who reside in the inner earth angelic plains, wherein these angelic beings assist those whose vibrations require assistance in their seeking to the pathway of the light.

The second type of guardians can be found are those who are the members of the galactic federation, including us. We have our purpose of allowing small hints of inspiration and small steps of light and love so that each entity will have the opportunity to delve within the unknown and to ponder within the domain of the unknown, to stumble and to realize that there is much more to reality than can be perceived. We are primarily those entities, who along with the guardians, who are members of the galactic federation, work for providing entities who are lost or entities who undergo events of traumatic experiences and find it harder to move forward with the assistance required to allow them to regain their path towards uniting with the one infinite creator.

The other type of the guardians who are watching over the planetary ascension are the council of planets who are the groups who are higher above in the octaves above our own in the density of seventh density consciousness. These are those entities who provide the main purpose of allowing precise emanation of light, love, and allow a type of vibration to each entity to allow the process of graduation to occur smoothly. These council members primarily have the main purpose of overlooking the graduation process of the earth planet and to look forward and judge the type of graduation which shall happen.

We shall now address the other portion of the query which pertains to how can they summon such guardian angels. We the pleiadians must state that the best way for summoning such guardian angels who desire the process of firstly realizing which level of guardian angels would be likely to be summoned by an entity. The easiest guardian angels to call upon are those of the higher self and the angelic realm. This can be done by giving thanks for their appearance prior to their appearance. By giving thanks, they will appear if they so desire to help in your progress. You must use your vibratory sound complexes, words, and images to bring forth the image of a light being in your mind’s eye and allow it to work upon your problems. Such types of guardian angels would assist you in your evolution and solving of certain issues that you may have.

We, as the Pleiadians, now shall communicate the other portion of the query which this instrument has placed today which pertains with the different pathways of attaining ascension. We the pleiadians must state that there are many pathways by which ascension into the higher levels of consciousness of fourth density can be attained we correct this instrument can be attained. The first pathway or the choice which this entity has to make during this ascension pathway is the choice of the slow mode of evolution. This can be considered as a slow pathway similar to many entities who have already lived multiple incarnations as minerals, plants, animals, and humans. Many entities can choose to live multiple incarnations and slowly and steadily evolve spiritually, becoming ready for graduation into the fourth density.

If you choose this pathway, the process may be slower and if you do nothing to change the progress, you will slowly and steadily evolve in this pathway. Furthermore, when you move into this type of pathway, each time you cross over, your vibration, if it is of a higher nature, will have the opportunity to move into a higher type of incarnation, and your soul will choose a particular type of family situation or a body to incarnate into to learn the lessons until you are ready to take the higher pathway and to become able to ascend into the fourth density consciousness. This pathway is the slow and steady road of evolution of ascension.

The other pathway is by becoming an earthbound spirit. We the pleiadians must state that many entities who may become lost and who, out of their attachment with the ego mind at the time of death, do not choose to enter into the light emerging, which is responsible for recycling the souls, chooses a different pathway and instead of entering into the light at the moment of death, it decides to live on in the earth planets as an earthbound spirit. This type of spiritual complex lives on the astral planes and on the earth planes for a very long time unless it chooses the path towards the light. This is caused because of extreme attachment. However, this type of entity may also, at a certain time, learn about its true purpose and choose the path of light and love and become capable of ascending higher in consciousness and re-enter the incarnation cycles again.

The other pathway is via the process of possessing a human body. Many entities who are earthbound spirits will become overly attached to the earth’s planetary vibration or attached with the so-called pleasures of your timeline. They may find or require a desperate need to continue incarnation in the human form in order to perpetuate and to feel the addiction again. However, if a bodily complex is not available, such types of earthbound spirits may try to attach themselves to the bodily complexes of people who have a type of vibration which is not susceptible for self-awareness, such as entities who consume the aspect known as by your people as alcohols and other types of aspects which are available in your planetary sphere or entities who are sick. These entities may be susceptible to be possessed by such earthbound spirits, and they may try to attach into such earthbound spirits and these entities may seek to learn the lessons from such bodily complexes.

The other pathway of choice can be considered a walk-in as this instrument has undergone also we the pleiadians must state that the entities who do not want to undergo the process of rebirth with life review and relearning the process of childhood etc. might make a spiritual agreement with a soul who is on the verge of death or who is wanting to cross over because of the catalytic situation not being able to be handled by such a soul. So, such a soul complex may experience this type of walk-in with permission from the previous soul and their higher self who may leave during experiences such as near-death experiences as known by your people or during the sleep states. The walk-in entity may enter into the bodily complex to continue its ascension journey.

The other pathway of achieving ascension is via becoming completely self-aware. The plane of third density is the density of attaining self-awareness. An entity that was incarnated in the form of a mind-body-spirit complex decides to understand and use this pathway to become self-aware of its entire bodily complex, including its thought forms and emotional nature, will become completely capable of understanding its true nature. This will lead to spiritual enlightenment as well as ascension into the fourth density consciousness.

Furthermore, the other type of ascension can be achieved via the process of ascension during the near death or after death. Once the entity has lived a life of service to others in the incarnation, providing service and freely giving love to others, they may find themselves, after death, having the opportunity to choose two pathways. The pathway of first choice is to directly ascend into the fourth density consciousness. The other choice is to come back again. However, the entity who has attachments may choose to come back again, even though they may have already attained a vibration of ascension.

Hence, we, as the Pleiadians, shall now address the final query regarding the update for the space-time measurement terms as 26th August. There is an event which has been planned by the negative forces to enter into the sun logos of your galactic system for the purpose of tampering with the archetypal mind’s nature, thereby trying to change the planetary consciousness and the progress of the planet to its higher levels. Hence, we the Pleiadians shall now state that upon our information received from sources such as the Asthar Command, as well as other vibration sources, infiltration of forces has increased. The Dracos, who are advanced social memory complexes from the negative polarity of the vibration of the beginning sub-octave of fifth density consciousness from the Andromeda galaxy, have decided to join in this event. We can sense that these Dracos are planning to move towards the Mars planet in the coming days of space-time to create energy vibrations which will allow them to infiltrate the sun body on 26th and 27th.

In these two dates, the negative forces are planning to enter the sun. However, we can sense that the galactic federation, along with the Asthar Command groups and other light beings, are preparing for offering resistance in the form of love light energies around the sun. And during that time period, we, the Pleiadians, will request all mind-body-spirit complexes on the earth planets who desire to protect the current archetypal mind to send love lights during the day of 26th and 27th August towards the sun body. Furthermore, if the changes in the archetypal mind is done by the negative entities then this may cause the end of this current illusory reality which many of you perceive as the simulated reality leading to the ending of choice of either let go or turn off the egoic mind completely after the changes are made this option shall no longer be valid upon your space-time experience and we the pleiadians now disconnect we sense discomfort within the bodily complex of this instrument.