Session #177 • Galactic Federation

The UFOs Aren't What They Seem & Pole Shift

Summary: The Galactic Federation addresses the question of why unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are appearing on Earth. They explain that there is a galactic battle occurring, with Orion entities infiltrating the planet and spreading fear. The Orion entities have sent grey robotic crafts to implant energy systems for manipulation and disrupt the Earth's planetary field. These crafts have been chased and shot down by humans, but the Orions do not follow the same protocols. They may be declared as drones to distract from the truth. The Federation also states that a soul can exist in multiple bodily complexes simultaneously, allowing for faster learning. They advise focusing on the inner presence of the Creator for ascension to fourth density consciousness. Lastly, they discuss a spy balloon connected with the Orion grid that was found near the United States. The balloon's purpose was to transmit information about weak points in the Earth's energy patterns to the Orions. The Federation is working to disrupt these intrusions.

We are the Galactic Federation and we are now communicating through this instrument body and spirit complex totality to answer the queries that are presented today through this instrument’s vibration systems. We are here to offer our thought forms and not to infringe upon the Free Will of the entities that shall listen to our vibratory sound complexes. Furthermore, the first query shall now be addressed that it’s related with why so many of the unidentified flying objects are appearing inside the Earth’s planetary sphere and why are they being supposedly shot down by the people of the planet.

Firstly, we must explain that these so-called UFOs have a purpose of appearing in the earth’s skies because they were in the earth’s space as there is a galactic battle that is ongoing inside the Earth planet since the Orion entities have infiltrated the human Mind Body Spirit complex Earth’s planatory sphere because these orions have created many agreements with human entities who have intentions to spread the message of fear and to take control over other human Mind Body Spirit complexes. Furthermore, we must also now state that the Orion entities, as per the latest reports received from the asther command social memory complex, have sent many of their so-called grey robotic crafts inside the Earth’s sphere through the quarantine field in order to implant Earth with its so-called energy systems for manipulation inside the major vertex points located inside the Earth planet. Furthermore, the intention of these crafts were to implant energy suction systems that would cause imbalances in the earth’s planetary field and hence making the Earth’s vibration split into two which would eventually lead to the reversal of the poles of the Earth planet. This, if had been successful, would have led to the end of the Earth’s planetary cycle entry into the new Earth vibration of the fourth density Consciousness.

However, because of the Distortion being detected by the asthar command social memory complex, these so-called unidentified flying objects were detected in the earth’s space and hence were being chased in order to neutralize them. However, the aster command social memory complex detected that they were spotted by the so-called human entities who were adamant to the discovery of their so-called third density physical crafts. Hence, a self-surrender protocol was activated wherein the third density after a command social memory complex physical vehicles known as their aircrafts were allowed to be shot down by your peoples flying systems. However, we must make clear that this was not any type of shooting down because of the advances of your planet’s aircrafts, but once a self-sacrifice protocol as per the galactic protocol number two in the galactic protocol for each civilization to contact another civilization and advanced civilization must follow the protocols that states that on being detected by the less Advanced civilization the advanced civilization must self-surrender their crafts or any other types of mechanisms that will allow their crafts or systems used when being spotted to be taken by the Lesser Advanced of the civilization handstands protocol was being used at this time. Furthermore, the crafts of Orion origin and grey entities cannot be shot down so easily because they do not follow any of these types of protocols instead they would respond in kind with the return energy to the weapon of origin. Additionally, these objects may be declared as drones from a civilization inside Earth itself by the people in power in order to distract the human Collective from the truth.

Furthermore, we have sensed that there is another type of distortion narration which is happening which pertains to these objects being a part of a distraction mechanism. However, we must state that this is not true. Furthermore, we shall now address the second query that is related with the understanding of can a soul exist in two bodily complexes at the same space time during an Incarnation cycle and the same illusion complex. We must state that as per our understandings in a certain timeline of a certain space-time container, there can be possibilities of the same spiritual complex to split into multiple bodily complexes for the purpose of learning the lessons at a much faster pace in each timeline. Furthermore, we must now also state that in terms of the understanding each Soul must have the free will Distortion that means that even if the Same Soul would split into two bodily complexes meet in the space and time there would be no prior knowledge that they are from the Same Soul complex. Therefore, we must state that the answer to this query is true. This is usually the case with most entities incarnated on the earth planets who are not Wanderers because Wanderers come into the Earth’s planetary sphere or any other third density planets to teach and spread the lessons of Love lights in order to allow fourth density vibrations to awaken in the planetary sphere. Furthermore, the soul split can happen with other types of entities who may be part of the old souls are a part of the starseed complexes who are here on the earth planets to learn the lessons of love and light for graduation into the new world.

Therefore, we must state that the use of so-called dual physical vehicle Incarnation this to allow the soul to change bodies if in unwanted situations there is that of a certain entity unadvertently this means that this can allow the soul complex to enter the other Incarnation learn it is still alive in the same space and time. This process allows for continuations of lessons to the learned by the spiritual complex of a certain entry who are here to learn lessons of vibration which may be below the level of fourth density consciousness. After they enter the enters into the fourth density green ray activated level of Consciousness incarnation ceases to be automatic and there is a choice such types of automatic Soul complex incarnations into multiple bodies therefore at the time becomes redundant. We shall now address the final query which relates with the aspect of a method that will assist each Mind Body Spirit complexes on the earth planets and the Ascension towards the fourth density consciousness. This method primarily relates with the use of the previous method as stated in a prior session and then sensing the depth of the one infinite Creator’s presence.

This means that on focusing upon the spiritual complex from the opposite side of the modern day complex after this has been achieved and the sense of focus must be focused or it was to go within the spiritual complex that is viewing the bodily complex from the opposite side on looking or sensing at the depth of this aspect the infinite Creator’s presence and infinite depths can be sensed. This process can also activate the inner black hole which is endless and will lead to the union with the one infinite creator. Also, this process will stop any unwanted thought forms that may arise in the mind complex of an entity on a daily basis. This will allow this type of presence to be felt within the self of each individualized entity when this exercise is performed this sensation of awareness of inner peace and the depth of the one infinite Creator is found within each moment of the mind body and spirit complex. Once the step is sent there is an enormous power and connection with the one infinite Creator’s presence. This will provide a doorway to infinite intelligence and will allow the connection to the Divine Creator to begin. This is the only thing that will not get old or change every moment of the life cycle of an incarnation of an entity. Furthermore, every thought form will change every moment but this inner presence of the Creator won’t change or get old. Therefore, we the Galactic Federation shall now leave you beloveds in love lies of the one creator. Bye.

I am a Star Command now communicating through this instrument from our Mothership which is patrolling outside the Earth’s planetary Grid at this time. We the ashtar social memory complex sent all of the listeners love and light through this instrument’s vibration. We are here to offer our observation at this timeline regarding the many questions which are presented today through this Channel’s vibration.

Furthermore, before we the asthar Command Collective share our message, we would recommend all to trust the inner heart of the self and only to listen to those aspects which will allow for deeper understanding. The first query pertains to the understanding regarding the aspect of the so-called Chinese spy balloon which was found in the location nearby United States in your language location system terms. We must state that this was in fact not just a Chinese spy balloon but a spy balloon which was connected with the Orion grid. This balloon’s main objective was to find out appropriate locations where in the earth’s planetary grid was weaker and then to transmit the information not only to the location of the Chinese government but also to the orions in order for them to find out their grid location. This was in a way presented and implanted together United with the orions, however, this was created undercover with the use of certain surrogate entities who work for the orions who are capable of entering the Earth planet in the form of human entities. Therefore, this was the case wherein this aspect occurred.

Furthermore, we the ashtar collective state that there are also other types of devices which have been spotted in many locations of the Earth planet. This was primarily created for the purpose of finding out weaker energy patterns in the earth’s vibration and to allow these patterns to be transmitted to the orions for further computation and recognization of appropriate places wherein the entries would be able to send love light energy disruption systems. Furthermore, we the asthar command must also state that these types of spy balloons can be detected not only by the machines of your people but also by your Astral body which can be projected at nighttime outside your Earth’s Planet grid and from the location outside your planet there may be certain types of red dots which can be seen at different locations which can act as a signaling mechanism of a hint which can be provided of such types of systems which were and which are continuously being detected. Furthermore, we are constantly trying to disrupt this type of intrusion by the orions.

Furthermore, the entity must also remember that the understanding of the queries pertaining to today’s query regarding spy balloons have been addressed and we the asthar command must now give a final message for today and that is all of the beings are one and we are all one and that is all that is needed at this time for those who follow the unification the one Creator recognize that all power flows constantly and infinitely in ever ongoing energetic creation. This is never interrupted or paused and is always moving constantly this can be perceived as the creators force and presence which is ever flowing all around you and within you therefore I asked our Command disconnect bye