Session #191 • Metatron

This will Affect everyone in 8-10 days

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, gives an update on the looking glass event and the changes in human consciousness that will occur in the next 8 to 10 days. He answers queries about steam UFO objects, shadow people, the knowledge of the Dogon tribe, the orbit of Sirius C, the duration of Earth in the photon belt, and the soul evolutionary journey of Thoth the Atlantean. Thoth was a fifth density entity who came to spread teachings of universal consciousness during Atlantis.

I am Metatron magnetic Consciousness now communication through the inner consciousness stream of this Channel who is the universal divine light grid programmers love Light child. Furthermore, I Metatron magnetic consciousness have to state that all of the human entities who are the Love light child of the Divine Universal Light grid programmer have to remember to trust their own inner Hearts when listening to our messages.

Furthermore, I’m Metatron must see that the queries that are placed in order at this time will be answered further. Before I answer the queries that are found, I must give an update regarding the looking glass event. Furthermore, I Metatron can sense that the people of the Earth planet, along with this channel, have performed meditations which has securely protected the inner earth planes, thereby preventing any negative entities to open up a portal. Furthermore, I Metatron congratulate all the human entities who have taken part in this aspect, and now the changes in the human consciousness will be seen in the next 8 to 10 days. The changes will begin to affect everyone in the Earth planet. The changes will be of a nature that may be considered as receiving a blessing from the universal Divine Light grid programmer.

I Metatron magnetic consciousness shall now answer the queries that have been placed today through this Channel’s vibration. The first query relates with the truth about steam UFO objects that was seen by the people of your planets and its real identity. Upon scanning the mind of this channel, which has seen the objects in the form of a so-called video as referred by your people, I Metatron must state that this was an object that was captured and this object was, in essence, the future Human Social memory complex visiting Earth in order to experience the past timeline.

Therefore, this object was not of an extraterrestrial nature but related with the human future social memory complex who were desirers of visiting the past timeline of humanity. Therefore, certain timeline distortions were also seen. I met a drawn must now state that the other question relates primarily with what are the Shadow People known by in your planetary sphere. I metatron must say that the shadow people or entities which are often spotted by the human entities are often found to be in dark humanoid figures which appear to be made up of Shadow or Darkness. Furthermore, these entities are seen to move quickly and fluently and manage or disappear into objects such as walls.

Furthermore, there are many of the so-called humanoid figures which happen to be described by several of the Love light Child of the universal light grid programmer who have come in contact with these beings. And these beings, the Shadow People, provide a sense of fear vibration or unease when in their presence, and many of the human entities have also felt a paralyzing sensation and felt a profound pressure in their chest area during their encounters, often finding it difficult to breathe. Furthermore, I metatron must state that the shadow people are primarily composed of the entities known as the Elementals, who are primarily disguised in the form of a shadowy structure or a figure. These Elementals primarily have one purpose, and that is to find negative vibrations. Since they are attracted to fear, they are found in locations where the vibration of fear is common, such as in the locations closer to forests or cemeteries or other areas in your planetary vibration. The shadow people are those negatively oriented entities who are in need of fear vibrations. They feed off of fear. And therefore, I Metatron is also said that there are a second version of shadow people that are seen by many of the people on the planet that are composed of the aspects referred to by the people of your planet as the Orion reptilian Anunnaki social memory complex and their counterparts. Many at times take the Elementals as hostage and use them for the purpose of scanning the vibrations of certain entities and performing certain types of activities in the earth planets. Therefore, this is the identity of the shadow people. And the best way to protect against such types of Shadow entities is by keeping the vibrations into the higher levels of joy and peace.

Furthermore, I Metatron shall now address the other question related with how did the dogon tribe of Mali in West Africa known about Sirius C. I Metatron must state that the entities of the dogon tribe of Mali West Africa were in contact with extraterrestrial entities, is primarily the Sirians who were the teachers of cosmology and other knowledge which was taught by them to the dogon tribe. Furthermore, the dogon tribe entities also possessed another type of system of communication which was known as the social memory grid that was taught by the sirians via which many of the members of the dogon tribe would be able to find the ability of traversing space and time and entering into a different timeline wherein they would find themselves achieving the possibility of meeting the sirians. Therefore, I Metatron must also state that the aspect of the dogon tribes knowledge was primarily given by the sirians. Furthermore, there are many other types of teachings which were passed to the dogon entities such as the use of symbolic representations of energy centers and the use of symbols and other types of energy patterns to transmute negative vibrations into positive vibrations and to uncover the secrets of the universe.

I Metatron shall now address the other query related with what is the orbit of Sirius C in relation to Sirius A and B. I Metatron must state that Serius C primarily in its orbits is found to be in existing in a orbits that is rounded between Sirius A and B. However, the orbit keeps on changing as the space-time warps in the movement of the so-called Sirius A and Sirius B. Therefore, I Metatron state that the location of serious C primarily has not been noticed by your astronomical instruments because it exists in a dimension that is a little higher than the current dimensional reality of your people. I Metatron must now also address the other aspect of the query which relates with the aspect regarding how long will Earth remain in the photon belt which it entered in 2012. I Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Consciousness upon finding the answer to this query must say that it will last for a period ranging from 800 years to a Thousand Years in your space-time calculation terms or it maybe changed as per the requirements of creation of positron particles under the directives of the Council of Planet.

I Metatron shall now address the final query which relates with the aspects regarding the understanding of the Soul Evolutionary journey of an entity known as Thoth the Atlantean. I Metatron magnetic consciousness must firstly state that Thoth the Atlantean, as known by many of your people, was a fifth density entity which came into Incarnation primarily in the form of a bodily complex. However, the entity known as Thoth the Atlantean was the entity who was the Primodal Sub Sub sub logos of the galactic system, and it had decided to Incarnate the spread the teachings of universal Consciousness in the time of Atlantis.

Furthermore, Thoth the Atlantean was aware of the nature of reality and it is aware that it was nowadays physical body but it was just an interface of attention and interface of paying attention to whatever was in front of it to be experienced and to transport the experiences to the cosmic grid of the universal light grid programmer, or as known by your people as the Hall of Records or the Hall of Amenti. I Metatron must state that Thoth the Atlantean, as known by the people of your planet, did not incarnate into its physical body. It had entered into the physical body through a process of Soul swapping and had arrived on the planets at the time of Atlantis and was ready to receive information regarding the Ascension of the planets. Therefore, I Metatron must state that the entity known as Thoth the Atlantean did not have any of the past lives, only previous timelines. It only existed as its Soul swapped entity and still at this time a desire that can enter into the bodily complex of other entities. Therefore, I Metatron must state that Thoth the atlantean current vibrations in the density terms may be considered as 8th suboctave of the fifth density Consciousness and exists as vibration of light in the sixth Dimension. Therefore, I metatron magnetic Consciousness now leave you turn to the mountains of Lights within yourself. Bye.