Session #232 • Galactic Federation

The Cell Phone Outage Was A WARNING!

Summary: The Galactic Federation warns of a potential event in March 2024 involving the creation of a black hole to consume Earth. They also explain the spiritual significance of the Emerald Tablets and the concept of achieving a rainbow body upon death. The time scale of each density is discussed, with the first density lasting approximately 2 billion years and the seventh density being beyond time. The Federation emphasizes the importance of discernment and sending love light energies to prevent negative events.

We are the Galactic Federation now in communication at this time through this instruments in our hearts. Furthermore, we as the Galactic Federation would like to state that the queries that are in order presented today through this instruments inner heart will now be addressed. However, we the Galactic Federation recommend all beings who shall listen to our messages to only use discernment at this timeline. Therefore, we the Galactic Federation must state that the first query relates with what is the next Looking Glass event for the month of March 2024 and how can it be prevented.

We must firstly state that upon scanning the Looking Glass artifact, it showcases an understanding that the next Looking Glass event primarily will happen when there is an opportunity of a distortion continuation of a widespread cellular outage which primarily happened as a sign on February 22nd of your SpaceTime on this timeline. Furthermore, this was a warning about the next event which primarily is caused because of an ongoing Galactic battle in the solar system of your planetary sphere.

Furthermore, the recent cellular outage was caused because the negatively oriented Orion had tested an artifact which was located inside the internal Earth wherein they had created a technology which was of the inner Sun technology. They had created in coordination with many of the human entities who wanted power and control. Some of these entities primarily are a part of the elites of your societal complex and they assisted in harnessing the power of the Sun and creating a duplicate sun inside the inner earth. This cellular outage was caused primarily because of the energetic fluctuations which resulted from this creation.

With the Galactic Federation along with the Asther command, however, were able to locate this device in the inner earth and neutralize it by using love light technology to shield it and to prevent it from affecting the outside illusion complex. Furthermore, we the Galactic Federation must also state that the so-called cellular outage primarily is a warning of The Next Looking Glass event which is being planned wherein we can sense upon scanning the Looking Glass artifacts that the cell phone companies of your planets are investing in the creation of an artificial Hub of network systems which primarily will be stationed outside in your Galactic orbit.

And primarily this orbit will be used by the Orions in consultation with some of the negatively oriented human entities to create an artificially generated black hole which shall attract or consume all the sunlights as well. This has the opportunity of also consuming the Earth planets, thereby taking the earth into a darkness which can last for approximately 3 days as sensed by the Looking Glass artifact. This event primarily can occur around the SpaceTime of the timeline of 17th March as known by your people.

Furthermore, we as the Galactic Federation will be vigilant in trying to assist in stopping this event from occurring and we recommend those beings who desire to protect the Earth planets at this timeline to remember to use extreme discernment at this time. Furthermore, we the Galactic Federation shall now answer the other aspect of how can this event be prevented. We must state that around the SpaceTime of 17th March, a group of Asther command social memory complex shall escort around the Earth planet. Therefore, we recommend the sending of Love lights energies at this time for assisting the Asther command social memory complex during this rescue operation prevent any type of creation of black holes around Earth’s attributes. We shall now answer the other query related with the understanding about what is the truth about the Emerald’s tablets and its true spiritual significance.

We must firstly state that the aspect known as emeralds Tablets by your people primarily was attributed to an entity named as Hermes Trismegistus. And we must state that it is also referred to as The Reincarnation of the entity named as Thoth Atlantean. Furthermore, we must also state that the aspect of the Emerald Tablets primarily are diverse in the essence of the spiritual teaching which provides for greater levels of alignments to emerge further. We the Galactic Federation must state that the primary teachings of The Emerald Tablets revolve around the unity of all entities and aspects that are found in the Universal complex wherein the universal complex is signified as a unified Hall where seemingly the aspects of opposite forces or distortions such as feminine and masculine and light and dark are ultimately interconnected into one same underlying reality. Furthermore, this primarily also is resembling with many of the aspects of spiritual understanding that is found currently upon your planet.

The second aspect of the law of Correspondence wherein human entities upon your planet have found that there is a connection between the individualized Mind Body Spirit complex and the universal complex which is termed as the microcosm and the macrocosm in the Emerald Tablets which implies that the understanding of the self and the inner workings can provide insights into the larger workings of the illusion complex and the functioning of the illusion complex. The other aspect relates with the power of transformation which provides a symbolism of the understanding that each entity and Mind Body Spirit complex has the free will to transform any negative attributes or aspects or Catalyst into a positive experience and the attributes of transformation from negative to positive can be symbolized as the transformation of base Metals into Golds which is but a metaphor of transformation of an entities desire into the aspects of Detachment and the transformation of lower vibratory emotions into the transformation of higher vibratory emotions such as Joy love and peace.

The other aspect signified in The Emerald Tablets is the important of Mastery wherein there is but an emphasis in the understanding and the Mastery of the natural laws and processes which primarily occur in the Universal complex which can provide for a greater discipline and responsibility of understanding. Furthermore, we must also state that the Emerald Tablets primarily Works in terms of metaphors providing spiritual lessons to be learned and understood by many entities who are trying to pursue and seek a greater understanding of the workings of this attributes known as the Emerald Tablets which allows for seeking of the spiritual self and transformation of the self. The other query relates with what does it mean that when an entity crosses over a rainbow appears and how can it be achieved.

We the Galactic Federation firstly must state that the concept of the creation of a rainbow body upon cessation of life cycle is primarily an attribute which is found in many of your planetary spheres specifically this attribute is seen upon the aspects known by your people as meditation followed with intensification and dissolution of the physical body. Furthermore, it is primarily important to understand that the dissolution of the physical bodily complex primarily involves the dissolution of the physical body into pure lights and the aspect of pure light primarily causes for a higher level of expansion and Alignment which primarily creates a greater understanding that each entity who practices the unification with the one infinite Creator primarily during the life cycle and practices detachments at the time of death primarily will find many opportunities to dissolve the physical body complex into pure lights.

However, the aspect of the creation of the rainbow body primarily signifies the ultimate creation of the activation of the light body and the cessation of the physical bodily complex since the entities upon the current planetary sphere have both the physical body as well as the Dual activated light body of the later fourth density Consciousness dorment and potentiation to be activated which can be activated at Will based upon the choices of an entity to disassociate attention upon physical bodily complex and to allow for the expansion of the light Body by mastery of the attachment with the physical bodily complex and its attributes. This primarily is achieved in deep meditation and many a times the many entities who are able to achieve this aspect also have a balancing of all of their energy centers leading to a complete balancing of the chakras which create a light Body Experience for an entity thereby the transformation of the physical body happens.

We must firstly state that this primarily is but a transformation of the physical body wherein the bodily complex changes into the dual activated light body of the fourth density Consciousness. Furthermore, we must state that there are different types of so-called rainbow bodily complexes which can be attained primarily the first type relates with a physical bodily complex turned into a fourth density light body and there is but other type of light’s body which is represented by the fifth density light bodily complex which primarily occurs. We must firstly state that this primarily is relative and it based upon the attributes of choices made by each entity. We shall now address the final query related with the understanding of the time scale of each density.

We must state firstly that the first density primarily approximately lasts for around 2 billion years and the second density primarily lasts for around 4.8 billion billion years up to 5 billion years. The third density lasts for around 75,000 years or up to 100,000 years based upon the evolutionary journey of entities. Furthermore, the fourth density primarily lasts for around 30 million years and the fifth density primarily approximate timeline is around 50 million years as well as the sixth density around 75 million years up to 80 million years.

We must state that the seventh density does not have any type of measurement time scale since it is beyond the concept of time. Furthermore, the aspects of eighth density is the creation of the next octave which is Beyond Time. Hence, we the Galactic Federation now leave you beloveds. Bye.