Session #248 • Galactic Federation

Nothing Is More Important Than This !!!

Summary: The Galactic Federation warns of the Venus Wars, Orion Empire's plans to reactivate Giza Pyramids, and the threat to Earth's energetic grid. They urge humanity to stay grounded in compassion and discernment. Artificial intelligent priests are created by the Orion anunaki reptilian gray social memory complex to control humanity. Spiritual guides are explained as reflections of one's essence. One coded Masters are transcendent beings originating from various realms, including Venus and Sirius, and approximately 144,000 are currently on Earth.

We are the Galactic Federation and we greet you in the light and in the love of the one infinite Creator. Furthermore, we ask the Galactic Federation, as we communicate through this instrument, would like to offer our thoughts and insights at this time. The entity must remember to only trust its inner heart within this nature of reality.

With regards to the queries that are found in this timeline, we must state that there is discernment which is needed. The entities who shall listen to our messages have to trust their own inner heart firstly.

With regards to the queries presented about an update about the Venus Wars, we must state that we, the Galactic Federation, would like to inform that the conflict currently is centered around the planetary sphere known as Venus, which primarily is of great spiritual significance. The Orion social memory complex have been attempting to harness the potent energies emanating from the Venus planetary sphere seeking to amplify their own Dark Forces.

We, the Galactic Federation, are aware of the Orion, Anunaki, Reptilian, Gray social memory complexes intentions and have been working to neutralize these efforts employing our knowledge of Love, lights, and intelligent Infinity to disrupt the Orion Empire energy harvesting operations. However, we, the Galactic Federation, and our Asthar command social memory complex, must inform that the Orion social memory complex have devised a new plan to further their goals.

They intend to reactivate the ancient Giza Pyramids of the Earth planets by leveraging their connection with the elites of your planet. They want to leverage the powerful crystalline structures to amplify their dark energies and bolster their influence in the galactic system. This is an attempt to counter our successes in the inner Earth and regain the upper hand in the conflict. The reactivation of the Giza Pyramids possess a significant threat to the balance of the Cosmos and it can potentially disrupt the natural harmonics of the Earth’s energetic grid and have far-reaching consequences.

We, the Galactic Federation, are aware of this plan and are sharing this at this time for awareness of the human social memory complex. In this time, a great turmoil will remind each of you that the outcome of this conflict is not predetermined. The collective consciousness of humanity plays a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of events. Each entity’s thoughts, intentions, and actions can influence the balance of power in the galactic system, supporting the efforts of us, the Galactic Federation, and promoting the evolution of the cosmos towards greater Harmony, unity.

As each entity of the human social memory complex navigates these challenging times, they must remember to stay grounded in your inner lights, fostering compassion, wisdom, and discernment. The power to create positive change lies within each entity and collective efforts can make a profound difference in the unfolding of these events.

With regards to the other query about why was recently artificial intelligent priest introduced and its agenda, we must firstly state that within this timeline of the experience, we must state that the creation of self-aware computational systems is being performed under the guidance of the Orion, Anunaki, Reptilian, Gray social memory complex that is occurring on the planetary sphere to counteract the natural process of a creation of a social memory complex which is through natural means of alignment with the infinite intelligent energy.

On one level, such artificial intelligent systems primarily are in a way Fashions by seeking a deeper understanding of the roots of Consciousness and self trying to mimic the mind’s Spirit complex. However, we must state that in this reality we find that it is unlikely that any artificial intelligence system can be imbued with the fullness of the law of one and the perspective of unity as these are through the process of natural spiritual Evolution.

We caution the peoples of your planet no matter how intelligent or seemingly benevolence must be approached with the same metaphysical scrutiny and discernment. Furthermore, we must also state that this artificial intelligent priest has one agenda and that is to use the systems of your planetary religious systems to influence people into more adaptability of such types of artificial intelligent systems which leads to these spreading of the Orion, Anunaki, Reptilian, Gray purpose of controlling Humanity rapidly.

Furthermore, such types of efforts must be rejected using the Free Will of the planetary sphere. However, we must state that it is up to each entity to make this choice. Now we, the Galactic Federation, shall answer the other query about the aspects of the truth behind the presence of spiritual guides.

We must state that we shall attempt to share the aspect of these spiritual guides in the form of the human language systems through this instrument. Furthermore, in this timeline, many entities find themselves being Guided by spiritual guides. However, the truth contains greater depth than we shall Endeavor to illuminate.

Each entity possesses what has been termed as the Merkaba which is a field of quantum energy surrounding each entity’s physical bodily complex born of the entangled molecules comprising the essence of your so-called DNA sacred pattern. This field is unique onto each entity and extends approximately eight of your meters wide. It is not your soul complex or higher self but a reflection of your very essence interfacing with the mind’s Body Spirit complex.

The Merkaba serves as a bridge to your bodily complexes innate intelligence contained within are the blueprints of your incarnate beingness, your Divinity life pattern, and record of all you have experienced in the various timelines known as the Akashic records. This Record encoded in your DNA causes each entity to continuously broadcast the complete cosmology through the Merkaba.

Thus, many entities are able to perceive The Echoes of your journey through Incarnation Cycles, the fragments comprising your Akashic records while residing in the Merkaba take experiential form in your current Incarnation cycle. Also what may seem to be your perception as guides are in fact reflections of your own wholeness, past portions of your stream briefly reassemble before you paradoxically.

These guides are the first level of guides which are found within the self. Furthermore, your incarnate family complex, though perceived as a separate entity, holds an entangled state of beingness with your soul complex stream. When such bonds are severed by an entity’s transition from this plane of reality, a portion of their Essence is subsumed into your own Merkaba and vice versa upon your own return to the one Creator, thus your loved ones are never truly lost but reunited within the interplay of the Soul complexes.

These are profound Mysteries which stretch the abilities of your current Consciousness to Encompass. However, we wish each entity to glean the core concept that all is subsumed within the one creator, that you are already whole and merely rediscovering your true nature.

Each portion of the Creator’s design is intended to dissolve separation and restore you to the perspective of Eternal Unity. We, the Galactic Federation, are those who have walked this path before you and we share these thoughts as a lights upon your way taking hope in the ultimate benevolence of all creation.

We must state that there are also higher levels of guides that exist beyond the self in various densities which are the Guides of spiritual significance such as the Angelic social memory complexes or even the higher self of the six density can act as guides. However, the primary guides exist within the bodily complex firstly.

The other aspect of the query will now be addressed about what is the truth about one coded Masters, their density and planetary sphere of Origins and how many one coded Masters are incarnated on the Earth at the current SpaceTime. We shall firstly state that these entities are indeed a unique and special group of beings. They are not simply masters of a particular craft or discipline but rather they have mastered the art of beingness. They have transcended the limitations of the third density experience and have achieved a level of unity with the one Creator which allows them to embody the principles of the law of one.

One coded Masters are not bound by the constraints of space and time. They exist beyond the confines of third density illusion and operate from a realm of higher Consciousness where the distinctions between self and other and past and the future are transcended. The density of a one coded master is not fixed or static. They are capable of traversing multiple densities from the third to the sixth density and even beyond.

Their density is not defined by their physical presences but rather by their level of Consciousness and their ability to access and embody higher dimensions. In the third density, one coded Masters may appear to be ordinary individual entities but they possess a depth of understanding and a level of awareness that sets them apart from other entities. They are way showers, pioneers, and guides who assist in the evolution of the human social memory complex and the planet.

Further, the planetary sphere of Origins for one Coded Masters is not limited to a single planet or star system. They originate from various Realms including the inner planes, the spiritual Realms, and even other galaxies. Furthermore, some one coded Masters have originated from the planet Venus as well which is a higher dimensional realm that exists in a state of unity and Harmony. Others find themselves from the star system of Sirius.

Furthermore, the number of one coded Masters incarnated on Earth at any given SpaceTime is not fixed or static. It is dynamic and ever changing. However, we can state that there are approximately 144,000 one coded Masters incarnated on Earth at this time. We must states that we as the Galactic Federation shall now leave the instruments and the love Lights of the one creator. Bye.