Session #64 • Archangel Michael

Veil of Forgetting & Council of Planets

Summary: Archangel Michael is connected to a boy from the angelic realm to share guidance for the month of July. He emphasizes the importance of individual awakening and how even one person's realization can impact the collective consciousness. In July, there will be new energies and events that trigger deeper awakening and the manifestation of dormant abilities in individuals known as star seeds and wanderers. Michael also mentions a vibration check by the Council of Planets and an important meeting with the Galactic Federation in July. He explains the concept of the veil of forgetting and its role in the evolutionary pattern of Earth and other planets.

I am Archangel Michael and I am connected to this boy from the angelic realm in order to share guidance as requested by this boy for the month of July as known in your language sequence. Furthermore, before I share my guidance, you must choose wisely the guidance using your own judgment and accepting only those which match with your inner feelings of acceptance.

I am connected to share my thoughts and insights and to let you understand that as I sense the vibration rhythm of Earth, it is at these moments which will determine the higher level of evolution that this planet will reach. Into what matters most at these times is how many people will choose awakening using their free will. Even one individual’s awakening will make a huge difference on the planetary awakening. This is also the reason why I do not want to focus on the number of people my message is received by. What matters is that even if one individual were to fully realize the truth within, such individual would begin to awaken not only itself but along with it many other individuals. And the rewards of this awakening would be more than enough reasons for me to continue sharing knowledge with this boy.

Furthermore, also note that in the past month there had been many new energies coming onto the planet, and now in the upcoming month of July, a new wave of deeper energies will enter the planetary sphere. This coming month of July will begin to bring out the dormant abilities of all those individuals known as the star seeds and wanderers that have received upgrades in the past month from the energetic waves that were hitting Earth. In addition, in this month of July, there are many events that will occur on your planet’s timeline which will trigger deeper awakening that will allow to reach higher levels of consciousness. Each being will begin to understand and look within its own self for the answer that is already present within.

In addition, I will guide those who seek guidance to understand the truth that each has the same powers of creation as the One Father, the Creator. Also, in the month of July, the time of, as known in the language sequence, 24th of July, during which period a vibration check of the whole planet is scheduled by the Council of Planets in order to perceive the level of increase in the vibratory levels of the people. Many other higher beings will be sending upgrades and necessary catalyst as messages through this boy and many others as well to prepare individuals who seek to be ready for this test of awakening consciousness.

Also, in the upcoming month, a very important meeting with the space forces of your people will occur with the Galactic Federation in order to ponder upon the current situation of the evolution of the space force and to allow further development and, if possible, to re-initiate the space force inter-being exchange program to allow faster development of the planet. This meeting will be held at some moment in the month of July, the time of which will be withheld at this moment in order to not infringe upon the occurrence of this event, which can be infringed via thought forms. I will reveal about this information at the appropriate times in the coming days of the month of July.

As I stated before, this month can be appropriately termed as the month of deeper awakening for your people. Those who seek awakening will awaken into a deeper level of consciousness because of the messages I will be sharing with other individuals and through this boy, and also because of the oncoming energies which will hit your planet. In addition, this boy requires to understand the term known in your language sequence as the veil of forgetting. Hence, I will try to explain using your language sequence about the meaning behind this term and why it was incorporated into the evolutionary pattern of your planetary sphere.

If you can consider this, that there are many other galaxies which are in a similar manner capable of expressing life forms such as your planet. In such planetary spheres that were capable of allowing third density to force density consciousness to evolve, there were many experiments conducted by the Council of Planets. The first experiment that was conducted by the Council of Planets was conducted on the Pleiadian star system around 9.6 million years ago. The experiment conducted was to see the effects of evolution without a veil of forgetting and to see the progress made by various beings in such planets as they evolve without the veil of forgetting.

During this time period in the Pleiadian star system, the development of such individual souls could not accelerate at a rapid pace because they were already connected to the source and they remembered who they were and remembered their purpose, hence making the experience dull and boring for such beings because there was no separation. In this galaxy, in a similar experiment started around the same time period in the planet known as Venus and Mars. In the planet Venus, the experiment was run with the presence of the veil of forgetting. Similarly, in the planet Mars, another experiment was run which had the veil of forgetting coupled with lack of emotional aspects and opposable thumb.

Considering each experiment in the galaxies, the development of entities varied and the Council of Planets decided after a certain time period to look at the progress made by each galactic system with such experiments in order to find out the suitable and the best way to allow consciousness to experience evolution, to become one with the One Father, the Creator. These experiments showed a different kind of future evolution. A small change such as the adding of the veil allowed beings to have the opportunity to move into the positive or the negative pathway based upon their free will. Hence, the negative path was born.

Moreover, on the Martian planet, the entities because of lack of emotional sight created havoc and many wars occurred on that planetary sphere. Similarly, on the Earth planet, the combination of the veil of forgetting and opposable thumb experiment along with the emotional aspect was created. This led to the current evolutionary pattern of your planetary sphere. This was found to be the most successful in the time space of the evolutionary pattern and each evolution through these levels were incorporated into other galaxies as well, as all are connected. The various councils then incorporated the veil of forgetting in all third density planets to allow entities their free will to choose the polarity they decided to pursue and making each individual forget about their past incarnation with each incarnation. For there is no right or wrong, each part leads to the One Father to experience itself.

Therefore, I leave you now. I am Archangel Michael.