Session #166 • Pleiadians

We Were Never Supposed To See This

Summary: The Pleiadians provide information about negative entities attempting to open a portal on Mars and the efforts of the Ashtar Command to protect the planet. They also explain the events of World War II, involving Hitler's soul swap with a reptilian, and the role of the Galactic Federation in freeing Earth from control. Additionally, they discuss a method used by ascended masters to ascend in consciousness through the throat energy center.

We are the Pleiadians and we greet you in light and the love of the one infinite creator. We are now communicating and connecting through this instrument’s vibration at this time space, and we shall now share the information for the benefit of the human Collective consciousness to understand the answers to the queries which will be addressed using the vibratory sounds complexes of the Earth planet at this time.

Furthermore, each entity is advised to use inner discernment when listening to our messages during this communication process, which is aided with the inner love light of this instrument’s inner guidance system. The queries which have been found on the mind complex of this instrument are complex in nature for your people to understand clearly. Therefore, we will advise also listen closely to the thought forms which will be shared at this time.

Firstly, before we start to address the first query, we must state that the first query pertains to the understanding of what is happening on the Martian Planet. Where in the negative entities have called upon the image replica of the Lucifer Collective, and they have tried to open up a portal several times during the process of the past few days. The Lucifer social memory complex Collective is now communicating with The Reptilian Anunnaki Gray social memory complex at this time, and providing them with complex codes and systems of penetrating into the space-time Continuum which is holding this current planetary Continuum of vibration at this time.

These techniques and methods were found by the Asther command Collective who have currently surrounded the Mars planet at this spacetime and are trying to protect the planet Mars from explosions. Because the negative entities have created a distortion of space-time construct that is capable of tampering with time. Using the process of tuning into the fifth dimensional energy frequency, they are able to tune into the vibration of the planet Mars and provide a galactic field that will allow the Luciferian social memory complex, who are in the latest sub-octave of the fifth density Consciousness, to have control on the mind’s complex patterns and the process of the inner subconscious of each entity in the Earth planet as well as in the cosmos.

Hence, they can create and alter time delay of a few microseconds if they are able to activate this time space time warp construct using the infinite intelligence. However, as per the current situation update, the Asther command has successfully destroyed a few of the legions which were found on the backside of the Mars planet that were trying to extract energy from the Sun. Furthermore, they have now been neutralized. However, the Mars planet is now becoming hotter and hotter, and in the coming days, there may be several types of distortions that may have an effect on the inner conscious field of the Mind Body Spirit complexes of the Earth planet.

Furthermore, the Galactic Federation is trying to devise more love light energy, and we would request the people of Earth to send love light energy to the Mars planet during this time for the purpose of aiding in this situation of the Mind space construct which must be stopped at this time. Furthermore, we are now going to address the second query which relates to what really happened with Hitler and the events of World War II.

We must state that the events of World War II have been compromised, and some of these events are not in a way properly understood by the people of the Earth planet. As such, we will now express the communication system to properly guide the human Collective Consciousness to understand this aspect of the query.

The events of World War II can be traced back to the Lyran constellation, where in the entry known as Hitler was found. At that time, the entity known as Hitler, in essence, had past lives in the Lyra constellation wherein the entry during its third density life cycle chose the path of negative service to self. And hence made Soul contracts with the reptilians and dracos, which were also present at the time approximately two million years ago in the Lyran constellation with the same purpose of trying to spread the agenda of negativity in the cosmos and the type of control to control the Lyran Collective.

The Lyran constellation at the time was teeming with life forms of third density complexes similar to the human Collective at the present, wherein the Lyran civilization were allowed to enter into the fourth density Consciousness. However, during this time period, there were many distortions which were not balanced, such as the balancing onto love vibration which had not been accomplished at this time by the Lyrans. Because of which the entry known as Hitler and its reptilian hierarchical controllers were able to spread a large number of fear vibrations and control the Lyrans. And in essence, create a war which wiped out the entire Lyran civilization through the use of Time Explosion technology which wiped out the entire Lyran population.

Furthermore, the same events were to be replicated during World War II. Wherein the entry known as Hitler went through a soul swap during the events which led up to the starting of World War II. The Entity had swapped with a dracon reptilian Soul through the process of ritualistic contact with the reptilian social memory complex. However, the entry known as Hitler’s body was used by the new reptilian soul to create havoc and also used many artificially created spacecraft of reptilian design to create havoc on the Earth planet during that time period.

This was the main reason why the reptilians during this time period used the station of Antarctica to build the spacecraft of advanced anti-gravity propulsion system that were able to penetrate and create Shields that made them invincible many times. However, the penetration of the Earth’s quarantine triggered a meeting with the Council of planets who, at the time, directed the Galactic Federation to send an envoy of humanoid entries in the form of human-looking bodily complexes with a soul from the Galactic Federation with enough power to control the flux of love and light inside the Earth planet.

The entity during the time of the so-called death of the entity known as Hitler was able to use its love light flux energy to pull the entity known as Hitler’s second Soul swap reptilian soul and free itself from its control. This eventually led it to lose the battle and hence the world was freed from the hands of control of the entity known as Hitler’s surrendering on the space-time of 1945 as known by your people. Hence, these were the real events which took place at the time.

Currently, the entity known as Hitler finds itself learning the lessons of second density seventh sub-octave animal life form, similar to the pets in the planet Earth. In order to understand and let go of the karmic attachments which it has collected during its experience in the time space of the human life as well as the Lyran life form.

The final query pertains to a simple method used by Masters to ascend faster in Consciousness. There is but one method used by ascended masters to ascend faster in consciousness, and that is to use the process of understanding that your throat Ray Energy Center is like a radio receiver capable of receiving signals in the forms of sounds that may appear as language or word combination to your people, which may be considered as a sample of connection with the whole social memory complex of the human Collective. Which is forming in the fourth density planetary sphere during this time period.

There may be many such types of distortions which people have to face furthermore. And that is to recognize that your thought forms are not yours. Many times, the sounds which you may receive through your throat Energy Center may be from some other space-time or from some other entity in the same space-time. Hence, it is vitally important to understand that you are a Divine Light of the one infinite Creator. You are the cosmic gateway to the light love of the one infinite Creator, and you have the connection with the Divine One Creator.

Furthermore, we as the Pleiadians must state that there is a simple process of releasing the sounds from the throat Energy Center and not allowing any sounds to enter, which is a great method used to ascend into higher Consciousness by connecting with the one infinite Creator through the Silence of the self. And to leave you now beloved, bye.