Session #207 • Galactic Federation

So, The Rumors are True...

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through internal vibrations and warns that their statements should be scrutinized. They discuss the alien corpses shown in Mexico's Congress, stating that they were created as artifacts and only contain a small amount of real extraterrestrial material. They also explain that near-death experiences are subconscious absorptions of information and not entirely true. The Federation confirms the existence of directed energy weapons controlled by the elites, and explains the different types of biorhythms that influence physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.

We are the Galactic Federation and we are now communicating through this instrument’s internal vibrations at this time. Furthermore, our Consciousness is connected at this time through this instrument’s Consciousness stream for the purpose of transmitting our information. However, since the people of the Earth planet have free will to exercise, we must warn that each of our statements and communications must be put under scrutiny by the mind’s complex of each entity, thereby only accepting those thoughts which resonates deeply with the inner self.

We shall now answer the queries that are found today related to what is the real truth behind the alien corpses shown in the Mexico’s Congress as known by your people recently. We must firstly state that upon scanning this vibration, we indeed find that an entity who primarily researches on these aspects known by your people as the UFOs and extraterrestrial entity is primarily presented these corpses. However, we must firstly say that these corpses which are presented were not entirely real, only an entity bodily complexes which were claimed in that hearing as known by your people. These were primarily created by an entity who was extremely advanced in the field of creation of such types of artifacts. These artifacts were created five years ago approximately, and the vibration complex of these entities were placed inside a container which created the feeling or the environment which allowed these bodily complexes to become old and seem as if their bodily complexes were different.

We must indeed see that the Extraterrestrial bodily complexes that were shown have around 20 percent of real extraterrestrial material which was found in the location of Peru, and by the process of imagination and by infusing other bodily complex material, the full structure was created for the purpose of displaying it. We must state that this is not entirely the true nature of how extraterrestrial entities appeared. Furthermore, the 25 percent bodily complex of the Extraterrestrial entities primarily belonged to the grey entities who were found in the location of your planetary sphere in the Nazca Lines as known by your people during their flight’s Expedition which occurred around the period of 50 years ago wherein there was a crash in that location and their bodily complexes had decomposed leading to the finding of the remaining 25 percent of the bodily complex. Therefore, this is indeed the Reconstruction of the remainder of the bodily complex of the Extraterrestrial bodily vehicles, and the Galactic Federation must say that this is the preparation for even more higher levels of disclosure which is being prepared upon your planetary sphere in the coming days.

Therefore, the other portion of the query relates to what is the truth regarding the nature of near-death experiences and the purpose of human existence on Earth. We must firstly state that the aspects of existence upon the vibration of the Incarnation is often misunderstood by the people of your planet as the notion of a deliberate encounter with the threshold of afterlife. Each human mind’s body and spirit complex before embarking on their incarnational journey, each individual has the opportunity to align and choose the type of spiritual experience they may or may not experience in their incarnational spiritual pathway, which is primarily dependent upon their free will. This experience primarily of entering into the astral realm and experiencing a separation from the physical bodily complex is known as a near-death experience, which primarily unfolds with the permission of each entity. However, many of these entities forget about these aspects as the Incarnation begins.

Furthermore, the entities upon your planet primarily have experienced that the so-called near-dead experience participants or entities who experience it never truly approach the actual crossing over from the Incarnation. Many times it may appear and feel like a close encounter with that, these primarily allowed them to be tethered to the Earthly Incarnation. Furthermore, we shall now address the depiction of what primarily is found during such experiences, which primarily may be different from the common experiences of the people of your planetary sphere.

The near-death experience is intricately linked to the preconceptions and energetic vibratory fields of an individualized portion of Consciousness which undergoes this experience. Each entity’s narrative upon the return is primarily unique. Some entities emerge from a near-death experience with accounts explaining that these entities were able to see Heaven or Hell or other attributes. Furthermore, many of the entities also exclaimed that they went inside a tunnel which was filled with the light of the Creator and felt boundless love and reunited with their family complex.

Since the spectrum of experience of near-dead experiences is primarily created by the subconscious portion of the Mind, the same portion of the mind’s complex which is responsible for dreaming in a dream state, many of these events occur similarly in the near-dead experience. If an entity experiences any situations which may lead it to feel as if it were crossing over, the subconscious program begins and the subconscious program overlays the movie of experiencing a near-death visualization which primarily includes entering into a tunnel or a vision of lights or entering into some realm which works primarily implanted in the incarnational cycle of an entity.

Furthermore, this primarily means that most of the near-dead experiences are subconscious absorptions of information and are not entirely true. Hence, they may be considered as a dreaming state which may seem entirely real as a good dream and an unconscious dream also seems real to the entity who is experiencing it. Therefore, we must also state that during this time, many of the entities are unaware that their vibrations are shifting and that their subconscious is activating a program known as the near-death experience program, which primarily prevents the real truth from entering into the Earthly planet.

Therefore, most of the information which has been shared to your people by the experiencers of near-death experience is incorrect, and only one percent of these accounts primarily are those who have actually went beyond these visualizations, which occur primarily approximately for 10 minutes in the mind complex, and those entities have gone beyond this time spectrum of unconsciousness see the true reality which is far more diverse and complex than the simplified version of entering a tunnel of lights and other attributes of meeting beings.

We must state that the astral realm is, in a way, so complex that it appears like a world full of vibrating lights surrounding the engineering, and there are many structures which cannot be defined by your language patterns which appear in the astral plane. Therefore, the true near-death experiences cannot be described by your word complexes.

Furthermore, the other portion of the query relates to: are the rumors true that the elites have access to directed energy weapons which they can use whenever they want? This is in reference to the recent events which have happened in Maui. We must state that we, the Galactic Federation, have found the type of group which is responsible for these types of directed energy weapon attacks upon various locations. It is indeed true that the Asthar command has detected the Orion directive group who are the masters of the etheric ray beam. These entities primarily are working along with the Orions and have a few powerful individuals from your planetary sphere who have created this group known as the Orion directive and etheric ray.

These entities primarily have a simple purpose, and that is to use the so-called technology of directed energy weapons which can be inflicted by the Orion spacecraft, which can appear in the atmosphere of your planetary sphere if the group invites such types of energetic frequency to be sent to a certain location. However, there are certain conditions to follow. This primarily includes the rules to follow of only using the technology if there is greater damage done to the vibrations of entities rather than just the physical Consciousness. As the Orion social memory complex does not care about physical damage as much as creating fear within the mind’s complex, such as in that situation seen in Maui where there was a directed energy weapon used which created large amounts of fear and also created damage in that location.

Furthermore, we must state that the main beneficiaries of these types of technologies are the elites who can then use their power and influence and the so-called resource known as money to control the people in such locations.

The other query relates to what are the different kinds of biorhythms and the function of each biorhythm. We must state firstly that biorhythms are cycles or patterns which are found to influence various aspects of an incarnation of an entity’s life cycle, which primarily includes those attributes such as physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being. It is important to notice that there is indeed a limited understanding upon your people about the aspects of biorhythms.

Furthermore, we shall now explain the different types of biorhythms and the functions of each. There is a physical biorhythm wherein the physical bodily complex primarily follows a cycle of around 23 days cycle in your space-time illusion complex wherein the 23rd day is considered to be the most vital point of physical activity, and the performance of the physical bodily complex is extremely high at this time.

The other portion of the second biorhythm is the emotional biorhythm which primarily has been found by the people of your planet around a 28-day cycle and is responsible for influencing the mind’s Body Spirit complexes emotional states of Consciousness. The higher points in the cycle are associated with positive emotions and experiences, whereas the low points may correspond to periods of emotional instability. We must however state that, this is a type of distortion which can be changed by an entity’s free will as the choice of choosing an emotional state is independent of any type of biorhythm. However, this implies for those entities who are unconscious of their biorhythms.

There is also another type of intellectual biorhythm which primarily operates on a 33rd day cycle and is primarily associated with a mind’s Body Spirit complex’s abilities of memory and mental agility. Furthermore, there is another type of spiritual biorhythm which is found to be associated with a 38-day cycle on the Earth planet, which influences the person’s intuitive and spiritual endeavors.

Therefore, we, the Galactic Federation, must state that these biorhythms only are applicable for entities who are unconsciously controlled by their subconscious patterns. Hence, we must now leave you, beloveds. Bye.